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goLEAD is sponsored locally by CCE of Tioga & Chemung Counties


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Youth Leadership Program

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Chemung and Tioga County 4-H program will offer goLEAD for teens. The goLEAD Youth Leadership Training is a unique and fun state-of-the-art training program designed to teach leadership and community service skills. goLEAD features a curriculum developed by the Center for Creative Leadership. It includes 30 hours of interactive educational lessons on key leadership skills – such as goal setting, team building, project planning, and decision making – while emphasizing the importance and means of applying these skills to community service endeavor.

The program is intended for high school students in grades 9-12 who have an interest in community service and demonstrate leadership potential.The training will be held in the month of May 4 (4 pm - 9 pm), May 5 (9am - 5pm) & May 11 (4 pm - 9 pm), May 12 (9am - 5pm).

This 30 hour training, held at the Waverly Village Hall, includes fun, hands on activities, team building exercises, exploration of creative problem solving, development of critical thinking skills, discovery of community needs, and a small community service project to benefit the local community.Students will be expected to complete a service project in their community before graduating from goLEAD.

Contact Cornell Cooperative Extension Chemung County at 734-4453 or e-mail Bernadette Raupers at BIR2@cornell.edu. A registration fee of $35.00 is the only cost to participants for training, meals and an educational program. Applications are due April 30th.

4-H is a unique, informal educational program that supplements training received in home, school, church and other youth-serving agencies. Open to all youth 5 to 19 years of age, 4-H utilizes a real-life work experience where the individual sets his/her own goals for achievement.

To learn more about 4-H in Chemung County or how you can be involved in this valuable program, call Cornell Cooperative Extension, Chemung County at 734-4453 or Tioga 4-H at 607-687-4020

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goLEAD is sponsored locally by Cornell Cooperative Extensions of Tioga & Chemung Counties and the United Way of the Southern Tier.  goLEAD is sponsored nationally by GenerationON and the Hands ON Network.  GenerationOn

Last updated May 9, 2019