Chemung County Poverty Reduction Coalition

The Chemung County Poverty Reduction Coalition is part of a larger, state-wide project with other CCE organizations and Cornell University’s Tom Hirschl, professor of sociology. The objectives of the larger project are to engage local community leaders in shared learning about the activities and policies affecting poverty in their area. The project seeks to enrich the knowledge base on contextual poverty to create educational and awareness programs, and to then disseminate this information to policy makers throughout the state.

The goal of the Chemung County Poverty Reduction Coalition is to begin a dialogue on the realities and prevalence of poverty in Chemung County, which is concentrated in the City of Elmira. We are looking to unite community leaders and members that work to address this issue to further our efforts to combat economic hardship in our county.

As part of our Chemung Poverty Reduction Coalition Plan, we have various community partners, leaders, and citizens of Elmira divide into subcommittees to tackle various complex issues:

  • Basic Needs Subcommittee: Citizens must have all basic needs met before they can begin to realize their full potential. These needs include access to food, shelter, energy, medical care, transportation, and healthy neighborhoods.
  • Individual Needs Subcommittee: Once basic needs are met, each individual can seek to increase human capital by having access to educational opportunities, leadership skills, and other skill learning opportunities. By increasing their individual needs, the individual can feel empowered to be more active within their personal, work, and community life. They become more engaged within their community, which leads to change.
  • Community Engagement Subcommittee: Once individual needs are met, citizens can start to increase their own assets. This includes working together to improve health outcomes for Chemung County residents; increasing financial security and economic opportunity (including employment), ensuring our schools can meet education standards, job training, family safety and childcare, asset building, access for disabled, ensuring a strong safety net, addressing drug use and other addictions.

By dividing into these subcommittees, each group can come together at the table to discuss and find solutions to the challenges and barriers in Chemung County.

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Last updated January 3, 2017