Active tipping area of an operating landfill in Perth, Western Australia
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Reuse and recycling can help shrink our landfills.

Recycling & Waste Management

Visit the pages here to learn more about how to reuse and recycle, and ways to safely dispose of toxic items that cannot be reused.

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Clean Sweep NY

Does your business, farm, school, or organization have hazardous materials to discard? Learn about how CleanSweepNY can help.

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Chemung County  Household Hazardous Waste Collection

Household Hazards

Chemung County provides two Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events per year, FREE of charge, for its residents. Learn more here.

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pills of many different colors.  Drugs.

Prescription/Drug Collections

Disposing of prescription drugs through community collection programs keeps them out of the hands of those for whom they were not prescribed, and out of our local water supply.

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​Composting is Nature's Way of Recycling


What can and cannot be included in Chemung County's new single stream recycling? Find out more about recycling and reuse here.

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Last updated March 7, 2016