Cash Flow Management and the Annual Operating Cycle

  • Tuesday, January 26, 2021, 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM

Tuesday, January 26

Cash Flow Management and the Annual Operating Cycle

Elizabeth Higgins, Eastern NY Commercial Horticulture Team

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"If your business is a body, cash is the oxygen" without a constant influx of cash, no business can stay afloat, no matter how solid its starting idea or willing its market. Does your farm business have enough cash coming in, to pay your bills and cover your daily operating expenses? Can you access affordable cash, through other means to keep the business afloat during those times of the year when you don't have a crop coming in or a product to sell? Join CCE ENYCH Ag Business Educator, Elizabeth Higgins, to learn some tips and strategies for Cash Flow Management and the Annual Operating Cycle.

This series is supported by ag business management specialists from the following Cornell Cooperative Extension and Cornell University programs: the Capital Area Agriculture and Horticulture Program, the Central New York Dairy, Livestock & Field Crops Team, the Eastern NY Commercial Horticulture Program, and NY FarmNet.



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Last updated January 21, 2021