Bone Builders

Osteoporosis Prevention Exercise Program What is Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis, or porous bone, is a disease in which bones become weak and fragile. Osteoporosis is a major public health threat for more than 44 million Americans, 80% of whom are women. A "silent disease", because bone loss usually occurs without symptoms, people may not know they have osteoporosis until their bones become so fragile that a fracture occurs.


BONE BUILDERS is an exercise program designed to help individuals maintain bone mass and build on existing bone mass. Trained CVAC volunteers lead weekly one-hour sessions in progressive weight-bearing exercises intended to reduce the onset or progression of osteoporosis.

Why Strength Training? - Scientific studies conducted at Tuft's University in Boston show that strength training is an effective means for the prevention of osteoporosis.

Where Are BONE BUILDERS Sessions Held? - Bone Builders classes are held at various locations in Chemung County. Classes vary in size depending on the size of the facility. Please call CVAC for an Enrollment Packet - 734-4453.

Appleridge - Monday, Wednesday - 9:30 am

Big Flats Community Center, Tuesday, Thursday - 10:00 am

Chapel Park, Pine City - Tuesday – 3:00 pm, Thursday - 12:30 pm

Erin Town Hall Morning - Thursday – 9:00 am

Erin Town Hall Evening - Monday, Thursday - 4:30 pm

First Presbyterian Church on W. Clinton - Tuesday, Thursday - 9:30 am

First UMC - Broad Street, Horseheads - Tuesday, Thursday – 9:30 am

Grace Episcopal, Church Street, Elmira - Monday, Wednesday – 10:00 am

New Beginnings UMC on Miller St., Southside - Thursday - 10:00 am

North County Senior Center, now at Appleridge Senior Living - Mon., Wed., Friday - 10:15 am

Pennsylvania Avenue UMC - Pine City - Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 9:30 am

Spencer-Van Etten - Van Etten Village Hall - Monday, Wednesday - 10:00 am

Villa Serene in the Heights - Monday 10:30, Wednesday 2:30 pm

West Elmira Town Community Center - Monday, Wednesday - 9:00 am

Westside UMC, 743 W. First Street, Elmira - Monday, Wednesday - 2:00 pm

How can I join BONE BUILDERS? - Contact CVAC at 734-4453 for information and ask to have an enrollment packet sent to you.

Last updated September 11, 2018