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Move Forward Chemung

Move Forward is an educational program that is designed to help individuals identify steps they can take to improve the quality of life for themselves and/or their families. It begins with a person completing a survey tool called the Stoplight. It’s a visual, comprehensive assessment tool to help a person see how well they are doing overall, helping the person to see their strengths as well as areas where they are lacking what they need to succeed. 

A caring facilitator, the Progress Partner, helps the person reflect on their responses to the survey and identify areas of weakness or poverty which they would like to improve. They discuss the situation including what the person has tried to date. The Progress Partner shares information with the person about local resources that could help address the issue. The person then creates a Life Map (action plan) to address some of the indicators and agrees to meet with the Progress Partner again to review their progress. After a few months, the person takes the survey again to see if they are moving forward and identify what worked and any additional steps to take.

Move Forward for Individuals
If you are an individual interested in taking the Stoplight Survey please click here for more information.
Move Forward for Organizations
If you are part of an organization interested in learning more about using the Stoplight Survey in your work please click here.

Poverty Stoplight LogoThe Stoplight Survey was developed by Fundacion Paraguaya. Find more information about their project at Poverty Stoplight.

Last updated March 2, 2022