Move Forward for Individuals

Move Forward for Individuals

Move Forward for Individuals

Why should I take the Stoplight Survey?

  • It helps you see your strengths as well as stumbling blocks in a simplified way.
  • It recognizes you as the decision-maker rather than an object for others to judge or manipulate.
  • It helps break down the complications of life into manageable and understandable pieces.
  • It enables you to create your own Life Map (action plan) to overcome barriers and challenges.
  • It connects you to the resources you need to move forward in areas where you are stuck.

How do I take the Stoplight Survey?

  • Contact us and we will connect you with a Progress Partner so that you can take the survey.
  • The survey is administered on a tablet. There are 52 indicators.
  • Each indicator includes pictures and language to define what it means to "have what you need," "some of what you need," or "none of what you need" for that indicator. The choices are color-coded green, yellow, and red respectively; the same colors of a stoplight.
    Stoplight Survey Indicator

What happens after I take the Stoplight Survey?

  • You receive an e-mail (or printed copy if desired) of your "Snapshot." This shows where you are at this time with 52 indicators. You will notice that each indicator is colored red, yellow, or green depending on what option you selected. The Snapshot helps you see visually how well you are doing overall by seeing your green, yellow, and red responses together in one place.
  • You choose a red or yellow indicator that you would like to work on moving to green. You and your Progress Partner discuss local resources that may help you work on moving that indicator to green.
  • In about six months you take the Stoplight Survey again and receive a new Snapshot. You can compare the two and see how the actions and choices you made changed things for the better!

Stoplight Snapshot

Last updated October 26, 2021