Community Shared Solar

Community solar brings solar energy to everyone regardless of income. You get a portion of the solar energy produced by the solar farm, which is credited seamlessly to your utility bill each month. You can easily cover 100% of your electricity usage this way, much like traditional solar.

There are two ways your can join a community solar farm:

1) Subscribe - Month to month agreement to get solar energy credited to your bill at a 10% discount

2) Purchase - Own a section of the panels, receive federal and state incentives, and get energy credited to your bill

This campaign will be happening between now and mid-December in Chemung County.  We are in load zone C, where Nexamp will be our subscription partner and Renovus will be our purchase model partner. 

If you think you might be interested in this form of 'going solar', we will soon have additional information for you at

Last updated September 25, 2017