4-H Project Resources


New York State 4-H Animal Science

Beef Program:

  1. Steer Identification form 2016
  2. non-owner certificate - Breeding only
  3. Market Beef project book
  4. Beef Breeding project book

Dog Program:

  1. Dog Project Sheet
  2. Dog project Book

New York State 4-H Dog Program

Dairy Program:

  1. non-owner certificate
  2. Dairy Project Record Book - New for 2015

New York State 4-H Dairy Program

Dairy Bowl-

The primary objective of 4-H Dairy Bowl Contest is to provide an opportunity for 4-H youth to demonstrate their knowledge of dairy related subject matter in a competitive setting where attitudes of friendliness and fairness prevail. It is also hoped that these contests will prove to be an educational experience for both participants and spectators.  Sample Dairy Bowl questions

Goat Program

  1. Market animal project book
  2. Cloverbud project book (either Dairy Goat or Meat Goat)
  3. Goat ID form
  1. Poultry Project book

    Rabbit Program

    1. Market project animal book
    2. Sheep ID Sheet
    3. 4-H sheep breeding book

    Swine Program:

    Training and Fitting Your Swine- Training During the Feeding Program A pig can not be controlled through fear – you must win his confidence. Kind treatment during the hand-feeding period provides an excellent opportunity to gain his trust. Gently scratch or brush him at each feeding period, but do not make a pet of him. A “pet pig” is difficult to show. There are at least three signals that you need to teach your pig:

    1. Tapping him firmly on the side means for him to move forward.
    2. A gentle pressure with your stick on the right side of the head indicates a left turn.
    3. The same slight pressure against the left cheek indicates a turn to the right.

    Do not be disappointed if you are ignored at first. Results come with training. Drive the pig often. A pig should be driven at least once a day the last 15 to 20 days of the feeding period. Let someone serve as a judge while you practice moving the animal around as you would in the show ring. Study each pig from many angles to see how he should be shown to make his most favorable appearance. Usually, your pig looks best to a judge when he is 10 to 15 feet away moving at a slow walk. Good pigs are born; champions are made. Good Luck

    1. Market project animal book
    2. Swine (Hog) ID sheets

    Market Animal projects:

    Marketing Your Livestock Project

    Market animal project book

    Sponsor form

    The requirement for MARKET Animals project record books is ONE record book. If 4-H youth is raising more than 4 animals a second species page will need to be added. Please contact the 4-H office for questions. For this year only, either the new record or the old version record books will be accepted. Record books are due the day animals arrive on the Fairgrounds.

Last updated May 9, 2017