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Apples on the tree at Cornell Orchard (Cornell University Photography)
Maple syrup collection from a sugar bush.
Image by USDA
blueberries in containers
Image by Sandy Repp


CCE-Chemung is unique among local organizations in offering a continuum of education and resources that enable it to address a food systems issues in a holistic way. By working at a food-system level, we can more effectively respond to cross-cutting needs such as food safety, food access, local agriculture and community infrastructure. We offer resources for farmers, and consumers, to help strengthen our local and regional food systems.

Test Your Soil!

Follow these steps when gathering soil for a soil test at Cooperative Extension.

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close-up photo of soil after tilling

Soils & Climate

Your garden soil and our local climate have a big impact on every aspect of growing plants. Find resources here on soil texture, organic matter, soil testing and more.

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solar farm; rows of solar panels on a hill side

Solar Land Leasing

If you own land you would like to lease, consider the installation of a solar farm. Solar developers can offer farmers and landowners long-term leases on 10-30 acre parcels.

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NY Ag in the Classroom image, from their website at:

Ag Literacy Week

"Before We Eat: From Farm to Table" is the book selection for 2018 Ag Literacy Week, March 19-23. You can volunteer to read to 2nd graders in a local classroom, here...

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pond and vegetation

Aquatic Weeds & Algae

Decisions about aquatic weeds have consequences for swimming, fishing, and environmental quality. We recommend a step-by-step approach to weed management.

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brook trout, Salvelinus fontinalis (Mitchill, 1814)

Stocking Your Pond

Trout, bass and blue gills are popular choices for stocking your pond. Find resources here that will explain fish choices, requirements, necessary permits, and more.

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Last updated March 29, 2019