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Aside from producing honey, wax and propolis, bees are important pollinators. To learn more about the importance of pollination for farms, gardens, and the environment, check out the link below:

Pollinator Network @ Cornell

Pollinator Partnership Learning Center

Honey bees need your help!

Due to pests, climate change, habitat loss, management practices, and agrochemicals, 40-68% of honey bee colonies in New York have died each year since 2006 (Cornell CALS, 2020). You can support your friendly pollinators by creating the perfect habitat for them in your own backyard! 

Create a Pollinator Paradise

Guide to Selecting Plants for Pollinators

Creating a Pollinator Garden Guide*

*A special thanks to Jenna and her Daisy Troop for sharing the guide to pollinator gardens!

Last updated August 4, 2020