4-H Animal Project Resources

Animal Science


One of the iconic programs 4-H is known for are in the Animal Science category. 

4-H member enjoy learning about animals, owning your own is not required. 

Non- Owner opportunities do exist from learning to sharing animals as they are available.

"No matter where you live, you can learn how to take care of an animal!

Learning how to be responsible for another being takes practice – and 4-H members who experience animal projects practice those skills daily. And animal projects aren’t just for 4-H members who live in rural areas. You can learn how to take care of just about any animal you can think of, in just about any location – small ones like rabbits or ducks, mid-size like goats, or larger like steers, or horses. Or even more unique animals like miniature pigs." Ohio State 4-H

Intent to Show Form

Market Project 101 PowerPoint

Market Animal 101 Recording

Market Animal Fact Sheet

Ag and Markets Health Requirements 

Beef Program:

Dog Program:

New York State 4-H Dog Program

Dairy Program:

New York State 4-H Dairy Program

Goat Program

  • Dairy/Meat Goat Non-Owner ID form
  • Dairy Goat project book
  • Cloverbud project book (either Dairy Goat or Meat Goat)
  • Horse Program:

    New York State Horse Program website

    Poultry Program:

    New York State 4-H Avian & Poultry

    Poultry members should use the Intent to Show form as their ID form. 

    All poultry must be from either an NPIP flock (with proof) or test negative for Pollorum. 


    New York State 4-H Rabbit and Cavy

  • Rabbit Record
  • Rabbit ID, owner/non-owner form
  • Rabbit terms
  • Rabbit identification
  • Rabbit Digestive System
  • Rabbit Showmanship  - a form which instructs the youth how to complete the showmanship portion of the Rabbit show during Fair. 
  • Cavy:

    Sheep Program

    Swine Program:

    All Other Animals Record

    Market Animal projects:

    Marketing Your Livestock Project

    Market animal project book

      Each species should have a record in the Market Animal Project Book

      Record books are due the day animals arrive on the Fairgrounds.

    Last updated January 2, 2024