Image by Nora Catlin, PhD

Local Greenhouses & Garden Centers

Banfield-Baker Corporation
2512 Corning Rd
Elmira, NY 14903
Products: Seeds, Lawn and Garden Supplies

Big Flats Garden Center
76 Main Street
Big Flats, NY 14814 
Products: Seeds, Vegetable Plants, Bedding Plants, Shurbs, Trees, and Fall Mums.

Bradley Farms
1543 Maple Avenue
Elmira, NY 14904
Products: Seeds, Vegetable Plants, Bedding Plants, Hanging Baskets, Fall Mums and More.

Chamberlain Acres Garden Center and Florist
824 Broadway Street
Elmira, NY 14904
Products: Bedding Plants, Perennials, Hanging Baskets, Flower Arrangements, Centerpieces, Wreaths, and More.

Chuck's Greenhouse
580 Latta Brook Rd.
Horseheads, NY 14845
Products: Hanging Baskets, Perennials, Vegetables and Bedding Plants.

Haskins Gardens
955 College Avenue
Elmira, NY 14901
Products: Seasonal Fruits and Vegetable, Bedding Plants, Hanging Baskets, Perennials, Shurbs, Trees, Christmas Trees, and Wreaths. 

Mann's Country Gardens
2863 Bird Creek Road
Gillet, PA 16925
Products: Bedding Plants, Shrubs, Perennials, Christmas Trees, Wreaths, Cut Flowers, Maple Syrup, Honey, Fruits, and Vegetables. 

Parker's Farm Market
791 County Road 64
Elmira, NY 14903
Products: Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables, Pumpkins, Honey, Maple Syrup, Bedding Plants, Perennials, Shurbs, Trees, Christmas Trees, and Wreaths.

Pine Valley Farms
3651 Watkins Road
Pine Valley, NY 14872
Products: Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables, Pumpkins, Christmas Trees, Bedding Plants, House Plants, and More. 

Sunset Hydroponics and Home Brewing
Consumer Square Plaza, 830 County Route 64
Horseheads, NY 14845
Products: Indoor and Outdoor Gardening Supplies.

Ted's Produce and Flowers
9 Winters Road
Elmira, NY 14903
Products: Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables, Bedding Plants, Hanging Baskets, Shurbs, Trees, and Mulch.

Turk's Produce and Flowers
3179 South Main Street
Horseheads, NY 14845
Products: Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables, Bedding Plants, Hanging Baskets, Baked Goods, and More.

Upstate Hydroponics
3092 Lake Street
Horseheads, NY 14845
Products: Indoor and Outdoor Garden Supplies.

Last updated October 19, 2018