Chemung County Fair sheep program

Chemung County Fair Sheep Program

Chemung County 4-H Livestock Sale

Chemung County Livestock Sale

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Chemung County Fair

For youth in 4-H, County Fair is the culmination of efforts come to life! We encourage all youth involved in 4-H to take part in all ways from showing animals and entering projects to volunteering at Snack Shack and holding activities for fair attendees to see what 4-H has to offer. 

Come see what our youth have been working on at the  Chemung County Fair! The public is invited to come and see what youth in this program are doing. Highlights of the Fair include: 4-H livestock shows, plant science projects, entomology displays, public presentations and more!

This year due to the cancellation of Chemung County fair; in cooperation with Chemung County Agricultural Society we will be holding the "Chemung County Agricultural Exhibition"

Family Letter for Exhibitors

How to Register for Chemung County Ag Exhibition (video)

Chemung County Agricultural Exhibition Link

Livestock Quality Assurance Presentation

Livestock Sale Brochure

Chemung County Agricultural Exhibition Schedule

Sunday Aug 2 Monday
Aug 3
Tuesday   Aug 4 Wednesday Aug 5 Thursday Aug 6 Friday Aug 7 Saturday Aug 8
General project judging by appointment Rabbits/Dairy in by 8am/Poultry in early 12pm Clean up and transition day

General Project Judging time TBD


Can start coming in.

Goats must be in place by 8am livestock in by 12pm Clean Up
Dairy Cattle can start to move in. Rabbit Show 9am

Dairy Show 9am

Poultry Show 1pm

All rabbit, poultry and dairy cattle released after shows.

Livestock Set up

Possible Dog Demonstration

Goat show 9am

Livestock weigh in 12pm

Goats released

Livestock Show 9am

Breeding livestock released at end of show.

Livestock Sale- Online ends at 6pm.

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Here is a link to the animal health requirements for Fair. Please note if you have ANY questions on the health requirements, please contact your vet or the State Vet. 

Animal Requirements 2020


Last updated July 20, 2020