Chemung County Fair Sheep Program

Chemung County Fair Sheep Program

Chemung County Livestock Sale

Chemung County Livestock Sale

Chemung County Fair

For a week in early August each year, 4-H youth in Chemung County have an opportunity to share and showcase the projects they've been working on, at the Chemung County Fair. The public is invited to come and see what youth in this program are doing. Highlights of the Fair include: 4-H livestock shows, plant science projects, entomology displays, public presentations and more!

This year theme for the Fair is:

"4-H Grows Sustainable Communities."

Marketing animal for Fair

Online Entry Training Video

Here is a link to the animal health requirements for Fair. Please note if you have ANY questions on the health requirements, please contact your vet or the State Vet. 

Animal Requirements 2017


  • Jr Superintendent application
  • State Fair information for teens 13+ (by January 1)

This year 2016, youth attending State Fair with our County will participate as a Teen Leader in one of the areas listed below. Youth will have to inform 4-H staff, in writing their top 3 choices for the activity they want to be a teen leader in. The earlier you sign up for the program, the better your chances are for receiving your top choice. 

We will be attending the first rotation of the Fair which is August 25, 26, 27 and 28. If you have any questions about what the responsibilities are, please contact the office. 

Last updated May 18, 2017