Farm & Business Planning Resources

Workshops and Webinars:

Business Planning

Farm Credit East - Can provide assistance for all the different types and phases of farm business planning.

NY Farm Net - Provides free assistance for farm business planning.

How to Write a Business Plan - A brief outlined of what all is needed in a business plan.

Sample Business Plans - The Northeast Beginner Farmers Project has several farm business plans which farmers can view and get a sense of how to develop theirs. 

Business Transfers

Farm Credit East - Provides assistance with the transfer of agricultural businesses

NY Farm Net - Provides free assistance with agricultural business transfers. 

Employment and Payroll

Employment Law Guide - Wages and Hours Worked: Worker Protections in Agriculture - Laws around the employment and compensation of farm workers.

Farm Credit East - Services to handle the payroll on farms of all sizes.

Retirement and Estate Planning

Farm Credit East - Provides assistance in creating an estate plan. 

NY Farm Net - Provide free assistance for farm families in this process.

Tax Information

Farm Credit East: Tax Planning - Consultation on the various tax laws that affect agricultural businesses and strategies to minimize or mitigate the effect of these taxes.

Farm Credit East: Tax Preparation - Services for the preparation of farm tax returns.

Last updated January 21, 2021