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Farmland for a New Generation New York(FNGNY) is a program coordinated by the American Farmland Trust that helps farmers seeking land and landowners who want to keep their land in farming. Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County serves as a regional navigator for this program. Staff from Cooperative Extension are available to support farmers and landowners with finding farmland, finding farmers to transition land to, and navigating the buying, selling, and leasing of land. These services help new farmers, younger generations of farm families, and those historically excluded from accessing farmland find affordable farmland, while supporting retiring farmers and non-farming landowners in their efforts to keep their land in agriculture. Services offered include:

  • AnĀ online directory of available farm properties across New York and profiles of farmers in search of land.
  • Trainings, materials, and model documents to educate and support farmers and landowners
  • Experienced staff who offer a first point of contact to navigate key topics tied to accessing and transferring farmland
  • A pathway to find and access more technical expertise available to support farmers and landowners

Questions or need assistance with finding your farm, developing your farm succession plans, preparing your land for agriculture, or conserving your farm? Please contact your regional navigator at Tompkins County Cooperative Extension. Crystal Buck 607-272-2292 x265

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Last updated June 8, 2023